Nothing happening, very slowly. A definition of minimalist electronic music, ambient if you will. Also life in lockdown. How many weeks, now? The schadenfreude of seeing other countries returning to lockdown. Better not to suffer alone. Dangerous to boast about doing well. Contradictions produce stasis. Staying up late playing Word Collect until my eyes weep with fatigue. It’s chewing gum for the mind, but I’m hooked on the slow upwards creep of my “IQ”. Proving the brain still functions by putting it to work on something trivial and meaningless. Slow decline of IQ. I’m getting grumpy. Turning off mobile data to circumvent the ads, turning off the tv to avoid watching Rome burn. Resenting the creep of technology into every crevice of life, appreciating world straddling chats. Paradox with every meal. Freeze frame.

3 thoughts on “A ROOM TO FLY MY KITE IN

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