Trauma obliterates memory,

drowns feeling in a silent tide, misery deep.

A crown of thorns that sits just inside the skull.


Kind is warm, fleeting.

Compassion, connecting;

a current of tears.


One of my friends came out as trans.

I said courage, he said need.

I’m scared for him. And by her.


3 thoughts on “EGGS

  1. Have been mulling this over since reading it earlier today. I’m interpreting the line ‘I said courage, he said need’ to mean that you told your friend it courage to come out at trans, and that your friend said, in essence, that it wasn’t a matter of courage but one of need.’ I imagine both are true. I can certainly understand your feeling scared for him, given some people’s tendency to act cruelly toward people that are different or on the margins of things. Why are you scared by her? I’ll continue to mull your powerful entry.

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  2. It’s scary, in my limited experience on the topic. Probably for everyone involved because it’s such a visible and essential change for the person in the middle of it. And alienating and hard for all those around the edges. But glad this seems to be the time for trans people to do what they need to do, period.

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